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66 million euros – an opportunity for Lithuanian municipalities to switch to clean public transport.


Two thirds of Lithuanian municipalities do not have sustainable mobility plans. However, new opportunities have recently opened for 42 municipalities, as the state allocates as much as 66 million euro to implement projects to renew the urban and suburban public transport fleet with clean vehicles. euros.

State support should become an important incentive to update the public transport fleet: cities would discover sustainable and environmentally friendly transport, environmental pollution would decrease, carriers would open to technological innovations and opportunities to reduce operating costs, both passengers and drivers would feel more comfortable.

 It is the vision of proper public transport in the cities of our country that the company “Vejo projektai” which manufactures electric “Dancer” buses in Lithuania sees. According to the general director of the company, Alvydas Naujekas, with the financing of the Ministry of Transport, Lithuanian cities and regions have a great opportunity to implement green changes – to change their public transport to clean with a guarantee of quality and sustainability.

For its part, the Ministry of the Environment has repeatedly emphasized that the goal of our country is to have as many environmentally friendly vehicles in the country as possible. It is established that the pollution caused by transport is very important for climate change, and about one third of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere in Lithuania are caused by the transport sector.

Three years on the streets is enough time to reveal the benefits

Klaipėda can be an example for the country’s municipalities. Modern “Dancer” buses have been running successfully on the streets of the port city for three years. “Three years is enough time to check how the bus we have developed works in real conditions. We had the most important goal – to prove the technical reliability of electric buses. We achieved the goal, and not only that, but we also received a lot of positive feedback from passengers and drivers for safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles.

“During the three-year period, “Dancer” buses traveled more than 400,000 kilometers in Klaipėda, saved more than 400 tons of CO2 emissions, and there were no problems with their maintenance and servicing,” – says A. Naujėkas.

According to the company’s data, the world’s most powerful pantograph (500 kW) operating in Klaipėda has charged 330,000 kWh over a 3-year period in 16.6 thousand times, it cost 49.5 thousand euros. In comparison, diesel-powered buses would have covered the same distance with four times more money spent on fuel – about 200 thousand euros.

The fast-charging pantograph installed near the Klaipėda bus station charges the “Dancer” bus in just 8 minutes, and one charge is enough to cover a distance of 100 kilometers through the city streets. The bus can accommodate 85 passengers, equipped with 32 seats and one for a wheelchair.

Earned trust.

The head of “Vejo projektai” calls the contract with JSC “Klaipėdos autobusu parkas” for the lease of 10 electric buses. Therefore, ten new ecological “Dancer” buses powered by green electricity produced from renewable energy sources will soon be rolling on the city streets.

According to the contract, “Klaipėdos autobusu parkas” receives a full range of services – delivery of buses, their technical service, construction of charging stations, electricity supply.

This shows that the Lithuanian company that manufactures advanced buses can fully ensure that Dancer serves the city’s regular public transport routes without interruption – 24 hours a day throughout the year.

At the same time, leading technological solutions, and innovations for public transport, which “Vejo projektai” develops in cooperation with scientists from Lithuanian and foreign universities, become available to customers.

An important contribution to the country’s economy and a healthier environment

Alvydas Naujekas notes that such business and scientific cooperation is particularly useful for the country’s economy, as a product with high added value is created, production is developed, jobs are created, the contribution to GDP is increased and export opportunities are developed.

The interviewer also points out that, considering the ambitious strategic aspirations of the European Union’s green course to reduce air pollution caused by transport, it is likely that electric or other advanced technology buses will replace all conventional fossil fuel-powered public transport in the next couple of decades.

“Therefore, we are happy with the determination of Lithuanian cities to introduce innovations in the field of public transport and, by replacing diesel buses with non-polluting electric ones, to ensure not only convenient transportation in the city, but also healthier living conditions,” – says A. Naujėkas.

According to the interviewee, the ambitious “Dancer” project proved to the world that it is possible to successfully develop vehicle innovations in Lithuania, which were highly appreciated at international exhibitions. He is convinced that the ambitions of Lithuania, which has chosen a green course with the entire European Union, to renew the public transport fleet and invest in clean transportation can be fully fulfilled.

The Ministry expects more than 200 new buses

About 66 million euro The Ministry of Transport, which has announced financing for the renovation of the urban and suburban public transport fleet, seeks to encourage municipalities to use non-polluting vehicles.

The larger part of the amount is 60 million euro – is allocated to promote the purchase of non-polluting public transport vehicles, and EUR 6 million euro – for the development of vehicle charging and filling infrastructure. Lithuanian regional carriers can apply for these funds from the Economic Revitalization and Resilience Enhancement Facility until August 24.

The Ministry of Transport, which announced the invitation, hopes that the financial incentive for the purchase of all non-polluting public transport vehicles will have until 2026 to add 230 new electric-powered or hydrogen-filled buses to the Lithuanian bus fleet and ensure the installation of infrastructure for their charging and refueling.

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