About us

DANCER’s driving spirit is to make cities a better place to live. We are the
company, where science, technology, and art unite to improve the urban

About us

DANCER’s driving spirit is to make cities a better place to live. We are the company, where science, technology, and art unite to improve the urban

The DANCER brand

DANCER is owned and developed by a group of companies called UAB “Vėjo projektai”. Each of its five
enterprises is responsible for a specific area of the zero-emission urban transport solution.
Financial instrument


Brand new DANCER buses

Brand new
DANCER buses

Smart charging and renewable energy

Smart charging and
renewable energy

24/7 operational availability

24/7 operational

Full service and maintenance

Full service
and maintenance

Supporting software


Our mission
Swap conventional public transport solutions for greener
and healthier cities with the DANCER Mobility solution!
Our vision
Reliabile, affordable, elegant & convenient public transport
= greener cities!
Company journey

10 years of wind-driven innovation and design

An Idea
The financial success of the projects based on
sustainability ideas has encouraged the search for
a new area of activity.

An aspiration to promote healthier city life led to an
idea of a fully electric city bus. Concept and brand
development started in 2013.
Lab trolley concept
Skoda TR14 trolley-bus converted to a fully
electric bus. New body, battery and drive
technologies have been developed and tested.

57% weight reduction achieved due to the use of
composite materials.
dancer bus concept approved
Innovative and lightweight bus designed
ground-up from entirely new components.
Improving the supply chain.

About half of a bus is created in Lithuania.
The rest of the components are supplied by
the leading European manufacturers.
1st buses and a charging station
DANCER is provided with EU certificate. First two
buses sold to Klaipėda city. Proprietary,
super-powerful pantograph is developed for
charging infrastructure.

The bus is fully charged in less than 10 min
which allows non-stop bus operations in the
streets of Klaipeda.
Production scaling up and further R&D
In-house lithium-titanium oxide battery
development. DANCER in-wheel electric
motor axle prototype. 10c-speed charging
station technology.

Development of lighter composite chassis
for DANCER bus. Engineering of an
articulated 18-meter DANCER city bus.
2022 - 2024
2022 – 2024
expansion of products
A construction of larger scale semi–serial
production facility scheduled for 2023.

Proud moments

First buses in operation
First buses in operation
The first DANCER buses were delivered to transport
operator Klaipėda bus park and have already
proven themselves as technically reliable and
popular among citizens.
Joint venture
Joint venture
The European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef)
established a joint venture with UAB “Vėjo
projektai” company “DANCER Mobility”.
Investing in quality
Investing in quality
UAB “Vėjo Projektai” were the first Lithuanian
enterprise to be granted the innovative company
status by Lithuania’s Agency for Science,
Innovation and Technology (MITA).
Prestigious desing award winner
Prestigious desing award winner
DANCER has been honored with the famed Golden
A’ Design Award at the Vehicle, Mobility and
Transportation Design Competition.
Pioneering innovations
Most responsible company of the year
UAB “Vėjo projektai” has been awarded the main nomination of the Klaipėda Industrialists ‘Association for Responsible Business Awards – the Most Responsible Company of 2020 Klaipėda Industrialists’ Association.

Meet the team

Alvydas Naujėkas
Alvydas Naujėkas
Rimantas Didžiokas
Rimantas Didžiokas
Head of R&D
Nerija Lukienė
Nerija Lukienė
Financial Director
Jean-Luc Deflandre
Alina Michaliovienė
Sales Manager
Tadas Venskus
Mindaugas Adomaitis
Head of Engineering
Nerija Lukienė
Giedrė Viršilienė
Human Resourses Manager

Let’s make our cities a
better place to live!

DANCER’s team is united by passion for sustainable transportation,
outstanding design and responsible technology. Join the conversation!