What is Dancer?

Dancer is a new generation lightweight fully electric 12 m city bus. It is a visionary approach to automotive industry seeking to integrate original bus design concept, new technological materials and wind energy usage in public transport area. Dancer‘s driving intention is to make public transport the desirable way of moving in the city.

How unique is Dancer ?

  • Ultra-light;
  • Fast charging;
  • Less energy consuming;
  • Online data monitoring;

Dancer is for everyone

For the city:

  • Silent green moving;
  • Old town preserving;
  • Advanced security;

For operator:

  • Saving operational costs;
  • Professionally maintained 24/7;

For citizens:

  • Easy journey: light, AC;
  • Always connected: wifi, 220 V, USB;
  • Informative inside and back screens;