and the city is easy

What is Dancer?

Dancer is a new generation super lightweight fully electric city bus. It is a visionary approach to automotive industry which seeks to integrate original bus design concept, new technological materials and wind power usage in public transport area Dancer’s driving intention is to make public transport an integral part of the city kindly acceptable for the society. Generally, it is a bus where technology, art and society meet and unite in order to create light, vibrant and healthy cities.

How Dancer is different?

  • Ultralight electric bus for a modern city
  • Dramatically cheaper to operate
  • Fast to charge
  • Capacious yet flexible
  • Less consuming therefore economical
  • Live data sharing and monitoring makes it unique

Dancer is for everyone

For city:

  • Contemporary image: Innovative technologies, modern design
  • Improved security: mobile monitoring system, multifunctional rear screen
  • Old town preservation: no road deformation, less workload, less noise

For operator:

  • Cheap operational costs: less energy consumption
  • Professional maintenance: DANCER management system, Online monitoring, 24/7 support
  • Congenial workplace: comfortable driver’s place, live cameras (360’), easy cleaning

For citizen:

  • Always connected: Wifi, tablets, 220 V, USB
  • Comfortable journey: light, cushion seats, AC
  • Modern feeling: interior, exterior, quality feeling