Zero emissions public transport


The light, quiet, attractive and innovative DANCER bus proved to be an
outstanding success among the city passengers.

  • Easy ride feeling in a fully sustainable and light electric bus.
  • Leading digital connectivity (WiFi, multiple USB sockets).
  • Automatic wheelchair ramp for easier entrance.
  • Skylight for the nicer natural feeling.

Due to its weight, the buses are especially pleasant to drive. Swift,
agile and silent, DANCER buses boast many latest features.

  • Advanced automotive technologies for safest driving.
  • Comfortable driver cabin for maximum driving pleasure.
  • DANCER EasyDrive program to advance driving skills and help
    drivers seize all of the possibilities of the electric bus.
Public transport operator
Public transport operator

Operators benefit from the latest automotive features to outstand the
highest route scheduling standard.

  • Innovative, fully sustainable, and reliable electric bus.
  • 95.78% availability in all weather conditions, in hottest +40*C
    temperatures and coldest -35*C winters.
  • A new standard for availability and affordability.

DANCER Mobility solution helps cities adopt the zero-emission
technologies faster – making them a better place to live.

  • Easily accessible, innovative, fully sustainable, and reliable fleet.
  • Attractive, state-of-the-art, and affordable buses.
  • A fleet made with significant use of recycled materials, powered
    entirely by green energy.

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