9 years of wind-driven innovation and design

An Idea
The financial success of the projects based on
sustainability ideas has encouraged the search for
a new area of activity.

An aspiration to promote healthier city life led to an
idea of a fully electric city bus. Concept and brand
development started in 2013.
Lab trolley concept
Skoda TR14 trolley-bus converted to a fully
electric bus. New body, battery and drive
technologies have been developed and tested.

57% weight reduction achieved due to the use of
composite materials.
dancer bus concept approved
Innovative and lightweight bus designed
ground-up from entirely new components.
Improving the supply chain.

About half of a bus is created in Lithuania.
The rest of the components are supplied by
the leading European manufacturers.
1st buses and a charging station
DANCER is provided with EU certificate. First two
buses sold to Klaipėda city. Proprietary,
super-powerful pantograph is developed for
charging infrastructure.

The bus is fully charged in less than 10 min
which allows non-stop bus operations in the
streets of Klaipeda.
Production scaling up and further R&D
In-house lithium-titanium oxide battery
development. DANCER in-wheel electric
motor axle prototype. 10c-speed charging
station technology.

Development of lighter composite chassis
for DANCER bus. Engineering of an
articulated 18-meter DANCER city bus.
2022 - 2024
2022 – 2024
expansion of products
A construction of larger scale semi–serial
production facility scheduled for 2023.

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