Dancer electric transport system was presented to the Lithuanian media and stakeholders

Dancer electric transport system was presented to the Lithuanian media and stakeholders

Klaipeda, May 29, 2019

Dancer, developed in Klaipeda, is an urban electric transport system, consisting of electric buses, charging, service infrastructure and software. The certificate received by Dancer confirms that this electric bus meets all the requirements, is safe and can be used for passenger transportation. This is the first certificate of that type received for an electric vehicle created in Lithuania.

No doubts future of city transport belongs to the electric transport, majority of the European cities are preparing to obtain them. It was hardly expected that history of city electric transport will be created in Lithuania, that the young engineers team from Klaipeda could conceptually create a new electric transport system, but that is a fact.

Vision of Dancer among the first shareholders was born about a decade ago with an idea of encouraging people to choose public transport and at the same time supporting healthier city life.

Klaipeda engineers managed to create the bus that is 20-30% lighter than competitors of the same size, using composite materials for body of the bus and reducing battery pack. This feature helps Dancer to drive more economically. The weight of transport is important for the longevity of the road, for the buildings on the street and for the people who live there. Light Dancer causes less vibration and is quieter.

To charge the batteries of the electric Dancer is pretty enough during the driver’s rest breaks. Dancer can be charged in less than 10 minutes. Extremely fast charging enables it to be used continuously and effectively in the streets of cities, while many competitors have to go through a forced break to recharge their batteries in depot.

Dancer electric transport system is also exceptional in terms of service. It is equipped with the unique Dancer Monitoring System (DMS). It allows to track online technical parameters of each bus. DMS helps to prevent potential technical problems even before the driver notices them and to respond promptly.

Online maintenance plus collaboration with the most reliable suppliers, plus engineering solutions allow us to offer exceptional service conditions and a long-term warranty. We offer the bus operator don’t worry  package, and it would be nice for the driver and the passenger to be in the Dancer.

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