Vision of Blue Cities

Concept for the new factory was done together with DO Architects (


How do we depict a factory visually? Any sketch will necessarily include at least two elements: a factory workspace and a smokestack. The first one might be called a volume, the second one – a dominant. These two elements constitute a traditional silhouette of any factory.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-1

Now let us picture our vision of Blue Cities. The Blue Cities factory is still made of the volume and the dominant, thus it preserves the formal principle of the silhouette. However, one element is changed. Instead of the smokestack there stands a wind power-plant near the factory workspace.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-5

There might be several volumetric models of the Blue Cities factory: a square model with a wind power-plant and an inner yard in the middle; a linear model with a structure of inner yards alongside; a round model with an inner yard in the centre and a wind power-plant aside.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-8


B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-10

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-12

Notably, the inner yard becomes the heart of the Blue Cities factory. It offers a space for high quality rest and relaxation. As it is placed in industrial surroundings, such inner yard is quite an exceptional decision for unconventional space planning.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-3

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-6

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 03 28_Factory-4

Blue Cities factory vision preserves architecturally traditional factory structure, however, carries radically different idea. Contrary to usual industrial areas, it tends to cherish ecological ideas and promote innovative unconventional space planning decisions.