Alvydas Naujėkas

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Alvydas is a CEO of the project. He keeps all the work  constantly directed towards the realisation of company’s strategical goal – creation and production of an ultralight electric bus. Alvydas inspires associates and personnel for maximally efficient work.

A closer glimpse at Alvydas: Take a closer look at the person, who is an inexhaustible source of huge ideas and energy for their realisation. Though his ideas spreads and thrive in business, the inspiration for them comes from mountaineering, sailing and reading.

Alvydas Utaravičius

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Alvydas, as an electrical fitter, is responsible for all electricity related jobs in the project. Hence, he engages in construction of modular electrical systems, as well as installation, testing and upkeep of all kinds of electrics.

A closer glimpse at Alvydas: If you ever feel like going fishing, you should ask Alvydas for advice; he will willingly tell you how to catch the fish of your life.


Audrius Senulis

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Audrius takes the position of engineer-constructor. He is responsible for selection of components and projecting 600V and 24V power circuits, also making of circuit diagrams and preparation of documentation, as well as consulting concerning these certain questions.

A closer glimpse at Audrius: Don’t be surprised to meet Audrius in the corridors of Klaipėda University, because currently he is a docent at the Department of Electrotechnics and unhesitatingly climbs the steps of academic career.

Gintaras Gedminas

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Gintaras is an engineer-constructor whose main responsibilities are the making and assemblage of panels and works concerning metal construction. 

A closer glimpse at Gintaras: If you cannot find Gintaras at work, the best place to start searching would be seas and mountains, for that’s where he invests his spare moments.

Justas Prikockis

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Justas is an architect and researcher of interactive material. He mostly works with the creation of Dancer bus concept, certain elements of design and solutions concerning technical components. He also actively engages in the search and analysis of new materials and technologies.

A closer glimpse at Justas: Since 2004 Justas has been enthusiastically gathering professional secrets of architecture concerning objects of cultural heritage, interior of luxury yachts and individual houses.

Marius Ščerbinskas

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Marius is responsible for project’s concept design and visual overview, companies visual concept, its articulation and depiction. Marius also takes care of the project’s process documentation.

A closer glimpse at Marius: From architecture and sculpture to fine arts, from here – to active engagement in windsurfing and surfing; when you meet Marius, just know that you’re dealing with a truly multi-faceted personality. Take a look at

Mindaugas Stončius

Who he is in a Dancer bus project: Mindaugas is an electrical engineer who mostly works with 3D modelling and drawings of 3D electrical schemes. He models, etches and solders PCBs to give them life.

A closer glimpse at Mindaugas: Have you ever created anything that moves, thinks and is useful? Mindaugas has. Actually, he does that regularly in Klaipėda University Robotics Club.

Oleg Beliajev

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Oleg is an auto electrician and works with mounting and installation of electronic gear.

A closer glimpse at Oleg: To get rid of tiredness and to gain some energy as well as inspiration for the development of his business of auto electronics services and other works, Oleg picks up a bike and goes cycling.

Oleg Lyan

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Oleg is an engineer of electric systems. He mostly engages in programming of trolleybus control unit, driveline control, development of new systems and consultation concerning these questions.

A closer glimpse at Oleg: Thoughts of electrical engineering obviously doesn’t abandon Oleg’s mind even in his free time, as he is the leader of Klaipeda University Robotics Club.

Robertas Viščiūna

Who he is in a Dancer bus project: Robertas is a mechanical engineer-constructor in the Project. He mostly works with 3D models and drawings of trolleybus parts and their assemblies.

Skirmantas Sinkevičius

Who he is in a Dancer bus project: Skirmantas is an industrial designer, who engages in the development of concept design, visualisation, 3D rendering and other creative work in the project.

A closer glimpse at Skirmantas: If you ever have a chance, ask Skirmantas to show his acrylic and digital paintings, as well as photographs, because that’s what he is deeply engaged in during his spare time.

Urtė Naujėkaitė

Who she is in Dancer bus project: Urtė is an architect and researcher of interactive materials. She mostly works with the visual and functional design of Dancer bus concept.  She also engages in researching for an alternative, light and interactive materials and its applications. Besides she is implementing 3d printing into the process.

A closer glimpse at Urtė: If you look for innovative decisions in architecture, turn to Urtė. Her mind is full of ideas about alternative energy solutions, responsive, interactive and computational design, and self-sufficient buildings. Take a look at

Vilius Dargevičius

Who he is in a Dancer bus project: Vilius is a head of IT solutions, who maintains the IT support daily in the Project.

A closer glimpse at Vilius: Apart from virtual reality, Vilius deepens his knowledge in celestial objects of our universe,which is the subject of astronomy.

Vilius Docius

Who he is in Dancer bus project: Vilius is the head of vindication in the project. He is responsible for the security and protection of company’s property, valued assets, employees and information.