General Bus Vision: how can a bus become a dancer?

Geometry of a dance: breaking through the boundaries


A simple sequence of movements? A rigid construction of body motion? Or a spurt of energy? We say that dancing is more than that. It embraces and unites two different elements. The first one is an active and spontaneous burst of creativity. The second one – a solid and reliable stability. This is not a contradiction, this is harmony. We cannot imagine dance without unpredictable but graceful movements as well as reliable and solid fortitude. Dance is a fusion of these two different aspects. It is unpredictable, it breaks conventionalities, but does it in a solid, purposeful and reliable way.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 02 10_dancer general visions-21

[photo by Eglė Ščerbinskaitė –]

Visually such kind of movement is most accurately captured by the curve based on an ellipse. Ellipse is a systematic change of direction. It is a junction of solid geometrical accuracy and creative dynamics. When we display only part of the ellipse, it represents openness, activity and tendency to creative change, but at the same time it preserves reliability and integrity. It is determined to break through the conventional boundaries in a graceful way.

B_ST1 and ST2_Society_2013 02 10_dancer general visions-22

[photo by Marius Ščerbinskas –]

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[photo by Marius Ščerbinskas –]

Dancer bus project embraces these qualities. It rests on the geometry of a dance. Dancer bus is reliable and solid. At the same time it stays innovative, creative and open to future possibilities. It constantly breaks through the standing stereotypes and established boundaries because the movement itself defines it. Dancer bus brings progressive ideas and steps into the new dimension of public transport technology and design.