About Dancer

Dancer is a project of creating a new generation city bus. It is a visionary approach to automotive industry, which seeks to integrate original bus design concept, new technological materials and wind power usage in public transport sphere. Dancer’s driving intention is to make public transport an integral part of the city and kindly acceptable for the society. Generally, it is a project, where technology, art, industry and society meet and unite in order to improve urban environment.

Stage two – Electric city bus

Stage two is the creation of a new generation super lightweight electric city bus. It is a development of an absolutely new bus prototype. This includes the creation of a new bus body using composite materials, integrating more advanced powertrain system with engines in the wheels, and adjusting modern media technologies in creating fully developed interactive exterior of the bus. Stage two is the stage, where a bus becomes the Dancer.

Stage one – LAB Trolley bus

Stage one is the first big step in the becoming of Dancer. It is a conversion of an old trolley-bus “Škoda TR14” to a modern transport unit with ability to disconnect it from power grid. While Stage one is the beginning of Dancer‘s realization, it embraces testing and development of new tentative concepts and ideas. The conversion is sought through lightening the existing trolley-bus, extending its possibilities, using new materials, creating transparent and interactive exterior. Basically, Stage one is an experimental search for the best technical ways to apply and realize these ideas in the real life.

UAB “Vėjo Projektai”

UAB “Vėjo Projektai”Lithuanian and German capital company, developing renewable energy powered electric systems for international markets. In UAB “Vėjo Projektai” company Dancer project is being developed.
To find out more please visit www.vejoprojektai.lt